Choosing Photo Cards From Art Galleries and Other Shopping Tips
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Choosing Photo Cards From Art Galleries and Other Shopping Tips

Photo cards or post cards are a great way to share prints of art inexpensively. Hi, my name is Kat. I have always loved art, but I haven't always been able to buy all of the pieces that I want or like. However, I still like to support artists, galleries and dealers in any way that I can, and that includes buying post cards or photo cards. If you want tips on choosing photo cards, doing projects with them or finding other ways to support local artists, my blog is designed for you. Please, get comfortable and take some time to explore. I hope these posts inspire and inform you.

Choosing Photo Cards From Art Galleries and Other Shopping Tips

Three Steps For Repairing An Old Mirror

Lola Marie

In the age of the throwaway society, reframing an old mirror is an excellent way to keep at least one object out of the landfill. The framing around mirrors can become damaged by moving or age. Alternatively, the mirror itself may need replacing because the silver paint inside has eroded. As someone who likes to play their part in being environmentally friendly, there are three steps to be taken for this project to be successful.

Get The Frame Appraised

If you bought this mirror from the local department store in the last decade, you can skip this first step. However, if the mirror has been passed down through several family generations and you suspect it is an antique, take it to an art dealer for an appraisal.

Early 20th century mirrors are currently for sale in Australia for thousands of dollars, so knowing the value of the frame before you make any changes saves you getting a horrible shock at a later date.

Remove The Frame

Once you know the frame is not a valuable antique, and you are ready to start making changes, place a towel on your intended workspace. Place the frame on the table with the mirror side down. Most frames are attached to their mirror using tiny screws. Using a size-appropriate screwdriver, remove these screws and place them in a safe place. The mirror may be stuck in place due to age or adhesive, so you will need a slim edge blade to try and pry it loose. Insert the blade between the mirror and the frame edge and wiggle gently. Remove the blade, move the knife 1 cm up the frame and repeat the process. Continue to do so until the glass is loose enough to be pried free.

Make The Changes

Now the framed mirror is in two parts; you can make the necessary repairs. If it is the frame that is damaged, take this to an art dealer to get recommendations on local repairers. You could also do a search for this information online. It may be that your mirror needs the attention of someone who specialises in custom framing so you can retain the original intended look of the piece.

If the glass needs replacing, contact a glass company to replace it for you. You can either give them the original piece of glass so they can cut a piece the same size or you can give them the dimensions over the phone. Once you have the new glass, reattach it to the frame using the original screws.

Repurposing an old mirror means one less item headed to the rubbish bin, and gives a new lease on life for an item that you use every day.